Bleep Bloop 3

An afternoon of experimental music, live visuals, and friends.

February 3, 2019 @ H0L0 NYC

Tickets ($10) /// 21+

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Pam Selle

Beats. Professional nerd, amateur humorist, author, and hacker.



Warm and comfy shoegaze synced with generative visuals


Indira is a visual artist that syncs traditional and 3D worlds with music for a synthetic experience.

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These are the brief shards of digital noise you've been looking for

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Sound + light. Described by others as "alien pop", this music is made with love and code. The visuals aim to sweep you away.

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Eric and the Personal Computing Revolution

An attempt to sonically capture our collective technological past and uncertain future.

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1090 Wycoff Ave
Ridgewood, Queens

Map / Website

Tickets ($10) /// 21+


  • 1:00pm (doors)
  • 1:30pm Pam Selle /// Indira
  • 2:15pm MONOCRUSH
  • 3:00pm /// Anna Grace
  • 3:45pm Codie
  • 4:30pm Eric and the PC Revolution /// Sarah GHP

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